What is FIMAGE?

FIMAGE (Finnish Imagemakers Association) was originally founded in 1959 and carried the name Finnish Advertising Photographers association until 2013.

The association is for the proffessionals working in visual industries. We are focused on educating our members and standardizing the practices in the fields we opereate in. We work together with advertisers, medias, PR-offices and other associations in order to promote high quality of services at a pre-agreed terms and conditions.

We hope to reach other visual professionals (eg. videographers, retouchers, illustrators and CGI professionals) in addition to photographers. The new medias demand new ways of processing image, therefore we need to learn from each other. We want to create a common forum for our professionals to share experiences and enhance their know-how.

The association organizes workshops, seminars, field trips, exhibitions and annual awards for its members. The board and the chairman do important work for improving the copyrights and contracts in visual businesses.


Board, 2017


Henri Ilanen



Heidi-Hanna Karhu


Rami Lappalainen



Pasi Salminen


Mikko Tikka


Kim Öhman

Oskari Hellman