Kurssi: From Words to Images – TAITO KAWATA ja PAULIINA TEIRIKARI / Cocoa

This November FIMAGE presents a lecture by Taito Kawata and Pauliina Teirikari from Cocoa Mediaproductions. They will talk you through the process of how scripts turn into moving image. Using case examples they will open up the process and what goes on along the way. Some topics which will be covered are:



-Locations / Set design


-Camera + lenses choices


-Post production (edit, grade, vfx)

-End result



Taito is a director. In practice, this means that he spends his weekends writing treatments. Specialising in art and lifestyle, Taito is known for bringing a sense of ethnic aesthetics to the advertising scene.

Taito has worked at Cocoa for 10 years, being the original founder of the company. Taito is a “Quiet observer” who is driven by the infatuation for building worlds through images and sounds.

From Pre to Post Taito loves being fully hands on with his projects.



Pauliina has been producing over ten years. During that time she has been involved in all kinds of projects, small and big, easier and challenging. Pauliina is very calm and has good nerves, which is a bonus when dealing with strange situations.

She has won many awards over the years, the latest being a Bronze lion from Cannes this year.


Cocoa is one of the leading Nordic production companies and the home of great people, live action, animation and music. We employ producers, animators, editors, composers and directors, producing meaningful content across all platforms. Our culture is built upon a strong belief in co-creation and the integration of talent.



Wednesday 29.11.2017

18:00 – 21:00

Location: Cocoa, Köydenpunojankatu 2 a D, 00180 Helsinki (Hietalahti)

Lecture is held partially English and Finnish.

Tickets: 65€

FIMAGE members: 35€ 

VAT included

The event location is Cocoa’s screening room, so the availability of tickets is limited. Buy your ticket in advance from FIMAGE’s web store. Follow the event on Facebook.



Doors open 17:30 and lecture starts at 18:00. Snacks and refreshments will be served before the lecture and during the break. Welcome!


Heidi-Hanna Karhu


040 7519067