Antti Karppinen

Digital Artist Antti Karppinen

I am a photographer & digital artist because I want to create something special, something people can relate and feel. Telling stories visually is my strength. In the digital era, the most impressive stories will be told in pictures.

I belong to a new generation of image artisans, to whom all things are possible. I create new and interesting visual concepts and images with unlimited imagination. Imagine Anything.

My passion is also education. Creativity, photography and retouching and various marketing and networking subjects are close to my heart and I tour all over Europe with my workshops.

Part of Photo Agency Keksi //

Kansainvälisissä liemissä uinut palkittu kuvaaja / kuvankäsittelijä / kouluttaja. Tarinat ja ihmiset kuvien keskiössä.



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