Mikko Tikka

Still Life photography has long been the dearest form of photography for Mikko Tikka even though he began his career in photography shooting snowboarding. He makes no difference between craftsmanship and technology, for they are inseparable to him in his work. He continuously searches for creative solutions with gadgets, lighting and post-production in order to render the perfect outcome.

Mikko is originally a carpenter. The ability to perceive, notice details and to be meticulous are characteristics visible in his images. His carpentry skills also come in handy when preparing for photo shoots.

Mikko has worked in the field of advertising photography and post-production since 2001 and has since become one of the best in his line of work. Currently he works on sports images, highly demanding product and packaging imagery and cinematography.


The future speaks through pictures. The horizons and possibilities of still life and video are continuously expanding, along with the new criteria and different methods of use. A photographer and a camera alone are rarely enough to create true visual impact. Success also requires a strong backroom team, the right props and accessories, ideation and passion for work, as well as a functional studio.

Studio Fotonokka Oy specialises in advertising photography and post-processing. We work with various advertising agencies, magazines and direct customers. Our expertise ranges from portraits to lifestyle, advertising, fashion, food, interior design, sport, and product photography, both in the studio or on location.

Each of our photographers has their own creative style, and our know-how enables us to meet even the most challenging visual demands. Our creative team is further reinforced by two assistants and a set designer/stylist. Over the years, our props collection has grown into a real treasure trove with the perfect accessories for even the most unexpected situation.



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