Rami Lappalainen

Rami Lappalainen (born 1975) , is a professional photographer based in Helsinki, Finland.

Rami started his photographic carrier mid -90´s shooting winter sports for Finnish and international sport magazines and travelled to many exotic skiing and climbing locations. After years of travelling he decided to concentrate more into traditional photography and took studies in private art school Kulturama located in Stockholm, Sweden.

The confidence gained in action sports photography took Rami to explore his talent especially in portrait and lifestyle photography. Many anxious and maybe even nervous people have felt themselves relaxed in the front of Rami´s lens. His special talent lies just in these delicate moments what the photography really is all about!

Many long term customer relations prove that working with Rami is straight forward: ”I like to keep it simple which leads to creativity”, he says. No matter your idea is, it´s always a good idea to drop an email for Rami and ask him about the possibilities!

Rami is a founding partner and creative producer at Mediapool where you can contact him together with other passionate photographers, videographers and digital professionals.

Member of the board, Fimage ry. 2017



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Puh/tel: +358405267023
www: http://www.mediapool.fi

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